The biggest loser

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Last week I beat myself up over a mistake I inadvertently made.  I felt like the “biggest loser,” only not the kind who lost weight on national TV.  I think one of the reasons it hit me so hard was because I had prepared a failsafe after something similar happened.  Only I had not considered someone else dropping the ball.  It turns out another pin in the cog was responsible; however, if my failsafe had included that risk, the situation could have been prevented.  A revised plan is in place now, and I feel as ready for anything as I’ve ever been.  But even if I’m not, what matters is how I move on from something like that.  Wallowing in self-pity does nothing.  It was in proactively tracing the steps from start to finish that allowed me to find the breakdown in the process and repair it.  We’re human; mistakes are going to happen.   The important thing is learning from them.

How do you handle the inevitable mistakes?

Proofreading: a lost art


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Proofread carefully to see if you any words out. ~ Author Unknown

Quick, did your eyes replace the missing word in the above quote, or did you catch the omission?  One of my job responsibilities at the publishing company where I’m employed is to assist with copy edits.  Which is oftentimes a curse as I can’t help but notice mistakes when reading other printed (or online) materials.  The other night at dinner, I read how a woman was explaining to her children how she met not their dad, but their da.  In a magazine, the head architect for a construction job had tragically become the dead architect.  A newspaper headline accidentally omitted the L in a public announcement.  Then there are the contradictions.  On an antibiotic prescription of mine, the front label reads: Take one capsule by mouth every day with meals.  The reverse side states: Take medication on an empty stomach one hour before or two-to-three hours after a meal.  So which one is it?  (Yes, I called the pharmacy to double-check.)  The moral of the story: a second set of eyes can never hurt.

What’s your most embarrassing typo?