Ready or not, life goes on

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Last Friday, I woke up and headed to the kitchen as I always do to fix a snack, and review and update my Franklin (day planner).  To my surprise, Friday was missing.  I jokingly posted on Facebook that without this page, I didn’t know what to do.  Responses ranged from opting for a play day to repeating last Friday’s schedule.  Thankfully, I maintain a different planner for work, so eight hours of my day were covered.  As for the rest, I guessed for the most part — a little practice for “flying by the seat of my pants” when I travel this summer.  On Saturday I found the missing page in my workout bag (long story).  It turns out the only thing that didn’t get accomplished the day before was dusting the living room.  But I did allow myself the luxury of an “unscheduled” nap and an evening to take it easy.  And now that I know the planets remain in their orbit and life goes on, ready or not, I may “accidentally” misplace a page or two every now and then.  After all, the dusting can always wait.

How do you deal with a “missing” day — with work or fun or a little bit of both?

Everything I never knew I always wanted

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I find myself reflecting on how easy it is to take things in our lives for granted — the connection between friends and family, romance, financial security, good health — but like the old saying goes: it’s true we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone.  Which is a good reminder to nurture and appreciate those people and possessions that make our lives richer, before it’s too late.  The rest of the quote goes on to state that oftentimes we are unaware of what we’ve been missing until it arrives (author unknown).  When this happens, it may cause us to take a serious look at our lives, and perhaps we can see where we’ve settled along the way.  Maybe it was simply easier to put up with a dying friendship or a stale relationship rather than be open to change.  Or perhaps fear beat us to the punch.  Today I’m missing: my out-of-town family and friends, opportunities I’ve been close enough to touch but let slip through my fingers, and those I still only dream of.  But I’m also opening my eyes and heart to what I possess now and my hope for a better tomorrow.

Is there something or someone you’re missing today?