It's my birthday

[Image credit: digitalart]

I had prepared two posts for today.  My first one talked about how my best friend and I used to play make-believe, with me as the “princess.”  We were always trying to escape the “bad guys” who wanted to kidnap me for my fortune of precious stones.  Then I wrote about the fun plans I’d made for my birthday: the annual tree lighting at a local train station and a ride on the kiddie train for our inner child; live music, drinks and appetizers at a nearby restaurant for the grown-up in each of us.  But my second post lamented the rain forecasted for today, and my decision to cancel the party, opting for sweatpants and a movie from Redbox.  However, I’ve decided not to let the weather ruin my plans (even if the first half of my party gets rained out).  Because today I’m a true princess (complete with tiara), only the precious gems are those who I share my life with.

What’s your fondest birthday memory?