20/20 vision: ring in a new look, new direction

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Anyone else brimming with excitement over the ball dropping in T-minus 19 days? I love a blank slate—revisiting previous goals and dreaming new dreams—366 new beginnings to be exact (yes, it’s a Leap Year). And this year begins a new decade, so I hear—along with my new “word” for 2020: growth. For those of you who have experienced your own growing pains that often accompany progress, you know that growth can manifest itself from the inside out. This undoubtedly requires an exercise in patience when unable to immediately discern external change. Or, it may appear messy on the outside initially but, as you cultivate your goals, the fruit of your efforts begin to blossom. Stay tuned as I grow in tangible ways, including a new direction for Always The Write Time blog. I’m thrilled to share this fresh season with followers of my rhetoric and ramblings—the messy, the colorful and everything in between. Buckle up for an exciting ride ahead.

Happy New Year blessings!

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Daydream believer (or eight days a week)

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Two days ago, we received an extra 24 hours in honor of Leap Year.  I’ve often dreamed of what I would do with more time each week, not just every four years.  I talked it out with a friend once, mentioning how an additional day could be called Funday.  Typically, we work five days per week, with two days to catch up on errands, tasks around the house and yard, sneak in an extra hour or two of Zzzs or a dinner and movie with friends, embark on a short-distance road trip, or rediscover hidden treasures under piles of paperwork, laundry or dust bunnies.  But with Funday, the world is at our fingertips.  There are no agendas or commitments, and no tasks to check off (Franklin would still cover only 365).  Whatever we aren’t able to accomplish in seven days — or if we simply need a “do over” — Funday is the catchall.  After I presented my spiel, my friend logically explained how an extra day would not be cosmically possible.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

If there were an extra 52 days in the year, what would you dream of doing?