Creatures of habit

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Creatures of habit

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This has been a tough week (relatively speaking).  First, I ran out of K-cups for my Keurig.  Then I discovered the pesky mole on my face I had biopsied last week is basal cell carcinoma.  A glitch popped up at work.  And I discovered one of my friendships is conditional.  Or at least it felt that way.  Thankfully, we all have our own methods of coping with the ‘fly in the ointment.’  I ended up making a couple Starbucks runs, learned how to use my coffee grinder and drank more tea.  I also scheduled surgery to remove the malignancy (and switched the part in my hair to cover any potential scarring).  A couple of us are working on a plan to fix the work-related glitch.  As for my friend, I hope we can collaborate.  Just because we’re creatures of habit doesn’t mean we can’t uncover new ways of doing things to make life work.  If it’s important, we adjust.

In what ways are you a creature of habit?

When your plans are derailed


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Every weekday morning my alarm is set for 4:30.  Recently, I turned off the alarm when it chirped its irritating wake-up call but, instead of rising immediately, I fell back asleep.  And woke up 45-minutes later.  That really put a crimp in my morning, which included making dinner for that evening as I would be home late from Yoga.  My only other choice was to quickly revise my plan (that’s really why I write everything in my Franklin with pencil, not pen).  I looked at the day and everything I hoped to accomplish, prioritized (Yes, I have to go to work.  Yoga is not negotiable.  Leftovers look good for dinner tonight.  Who says two rooms need to be dusted?).  Once I readjusted my plans, I regrouped, was able to get moving and do what needed to be “did.”  The day was salvaged (with little wiggle-room for anything more to be added) with just enough time to make my Keurig iced coffee.

How do you salvage a derailed day?