The big debate: Yes, I’m talking about masks.


To wear a mask, or not to wear a mask, that is the big debate. So, in an effort to understand both sides, I conducted extensive research and here’s what I learned: every YouTube video, claim, meme, etc., requires fact-checking. Why? Because it’s easy to find “evidence” to back any position. In fact, that’s how I became guilty, early on, of spiritualizing/judging the mask discussion. Personally, I wear a mask because—if the experts are correct—then I may be helping to better protect my immunocompromised husband. If the experts are wrong, then I simply lived with a temporary inconvenience. But I also understand/respect that not everyone can/will wear a mask; yet I’m oftentimes labeled a “sheep” for following the pro-mask side. Incidentally, what do I call the other side? And why must it be “us against them?” Aren’t we all in this thing together? For the record, I am a sheep. One in need of her Shepherd. Daily.

If you’d like to weigh in, please remain kind.

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Confessions of a fraud

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Fraud alert

Much of the time, lately, I feel like a fraud. Although I appear one way on the outside, I’m not feeling it on the inside. Admittedly, I’m doing a poor job of exhaling the old and inhaling the new. But I’m beginning to realize this means making one or more changes in my life. According to, I must stop:

  1. Comparing myself to others
  2. Waiting for the right moment
  3. Spending time with people who hurt me
  4. Judging others
  5. Running away from my problems
  6. Putting my own needs on the back burner
  7. Trying to be someone I’m not
  8. Being scared to make mistakes
  9. Trying to buy happiness
  10. Missing out
  11. Being a pushover
  12. Being too busy
  13. Blaming other people for my problems
  14. Relying on others to make me happy
  15. Doubting myself
  16. Eating out excessively
  17. Being complacent with my life

Ready or not, here comes the real me.

What behaviors do you struggle with?

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