[Image credit: Arvind Balaraman]

This month’s vocabulary booster is flibbertigibbet, pronounced ˈflibərtēˌjibit (if you have time, check out the online audio pronunciation key).  This term is a noun (person, place or thing) and, depending on which online site you visit, its definition revolves around a flighty, excessively talkative person — typically a light-headed young woman who is irresponsible, scatterbrained or silly.  A few of its synonyms include busybody, gossip, meddler, snoop and tattler.  A sample sentence might read: She plays a flibbertigibbet on the popular TV sitcom but, in reality, she is a down-to-earth woman in full control of both her career and family lives.  Another example could be: Every company typically has at least one flibbertigibbet you can go to if you want to hear up-to-date news about your co-workers (but not my company, of course).

Do you have at least one flibbertigibbet in your life?