Doing life in the fast lane

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Life in the fast lane

Since taking that leap and crossing over the half-century mark this past December, the trajectory on the other side feels like I’m traveling Autobahn speeds. While the first 50 years took their own sweet time, now the necessity to apply imaginary brakes in order to slow time—to cram everything I can into each moment—grips me with a palpable intensity. ‘There’s just not enough time,’ I said to my girlfriend as we prepared for our 90-minute Bikram yoga class. Thankfully, a daily dose of soul searching has created space for like-minded, intuitive people to join my ‘tribe.’ One such friend recently gifted me a book—Just Hit Send, a journey to freedom—written by a dear yogi practitioner whose personal inscription syncs with my travels, both gestures a reminder I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. So be kind, gentle and love (yourself and others) with a fierce passion and live out your dreams with abandon. Fast or slow.

In which lane do you prefer to travel?

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Tapping into our larger story


Tapping into your larger story

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During the past month, as I’ve embarked on my 30-day happiness challenge, I have made an effort to engage in new experiences. I’ve visited a few new restaurants, used my NutriBullet for the first time, attended a three-day writing convention and beginning painting techniques class and, most recently, I immersed myself in a SoulCollage® workshop. Participants used images, scissors and glue to tap into our intuitive selves and begin creating our own personal deck of cards to represent aspects of ourselves and our larger stories. Through a journey of self-exploration, we shared our cards with each other and journaled our revelations. For me, one such revelation was that although I am entering a new season of life, because seasons are always changing, I can expect the same for myself. And that’s okay. To acknowledge and accept this, I believe, will free me to once again focus on the things that I can control … my happiness, for one.

What are some ways you tap into your intuitive self?