Trusting the destination

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trusting in the destination

During a recent visit with a close family member, she thanked me for my transparency after I’d shared a personal battle with which I wrestle. Later that day, that same transparency fell under attack when someone accused me of acting and speaking devoid of sincerity. Perhaps many of us hide behind walls in order to protect our vulnerability, but find ourselves able to shed the self-imposed masks in the presence of those who inspire, embolden and love us without condition into our true selves—ickies and all. So when our transparent selves are rejected, it’s not unusual to feel battered and bruised. However, the next morning, my puffy eyes the sole evidence of a confused and depleted heart, I spent my quiet time randomly choosing devotions that provided a comforting balm. And one after the other reminded me to trust the destination no matter what my journey looks like today. While I continue to be true to self.

How easy is it for you to trust the destination?

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Just say thank you


Just say thank you

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If someone pays me a compliment, oftentimes I blow it off.  Like when I’m told I look younger than my chronological age, I give credit to my adult acne.  If someone offers positive affirmation on my physique, I agree it’s not bad for someone my age.  Why is it so hard to simply say thank you?  Recently, I received a note from a friend telling me I had inspired her.  And I realized just because I’m not perfect (a blemish here, excess skin there, a mistake on something I’ve proofread a half-dozen times), doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge a nicety for the effort I make to improve myself daily.  That goes for kudos on the stuff that’s visible, and the stuff we can’t see, as well.  So even though we’re flawed individuals outside and inside, we never know when something we say or do may inspire someone around us.  Next time someone pays me a compliment, I’ll just try saying thank you. 

How do you handle a nicety?