Looking within: discovering plenty amidst the lack

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As I mentioned in my post, “Another way to look at the pandemic ‘pause,’” I’m discovering new things about myself since 2020 took a major detour. While much becomes ingrained in our habits and thought processes simply because “that’s the way I’ve always done it,” the current COVID-19 climate has required a mandatory “pivoting” of our mindsets. One shining example: When my daughter’s gym temporarily closed due to the social-distancing order, it crushed her. Although she knew it afforded a minor inconvenience overall, she dreaded a derailment of her fitness goals. However, after a short-lived pity party, she soon realized that everything she needed to maintain her daily practice stared her in the face. In fact, she recently conquered—and exceeded—her goals. But not without inner resolve, a dash of creativity and a boatload of fierce grit. I couldn’t be prouder of her. It’s heartening how a global crisis can reveal the best within us. If we let it.

Where have you discovered plenty amidst the lack?

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Visualize it to become it


I teeter on the edge—close to abandoning my passion once again. But in the quiet of morning—that fuzzy space when daybreak balances in the silence—my husband’s body presses against mine, his arm draped over me. Sheets askew, strips of sunlight strain to penetrate the shutter seams. And his mouth brushes my hair as he speaks: I haven’t seen you write lately. It isn’t how these words string together to form meaning. It’s what he doesn’t say: I notice you; there’s something missing. As I often do with my hopes—my feelings—I tamp them down; the ashes turn cold from neglect. Yet even though I pretend I’m okay, that I’m happy, soon the need to seek solitude and inspiration along the mountain trails will become a tangible draw. But it’s now that I see a glimmer among the dust motes: the spark of resolve as it ignites. I visualize myself as a successful writer. A published novelist. I’m back.

What do you need to visualize?

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Eye of the storm

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It’s difficult when you find yourself in a situation where nothing you do or say can change the outcome.  Perhaps the only thing to do is accept it’s for the best.  Second-guessing or talking until you’re blue in the face might prove to be counterproductive.  Besides, your energy may be better spent on dusting off your tattered pride and doing something good for someone else.  Karma, the Golden Rule, loving your neighbor as yourself — whatever it means to you.   And once you get past the disappointment, betrayal or hurt, it’s also easier to remember that when one door hits you in the rear end, another one is waiting for you to walk through and claim the better prize.  I’m not saying that’s an easy feat, especially when you’re right in the middle of the storm.  But when you’re focusing on how to save yourself from drowning, you just may discover an inner resolve you never knew you possessed.

What do you do when there’s nothing left to do?