Mirror, mirror: who’s the fairest of them all?

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mirror mirror

Back up five-and-a-half years: During my internship with a local beauty pub, I wrote on myriad topics—particularly those that challenge the ‘seasoned’ ladies—sagging skin, spider veins, etc. Oftentimes I joke that, although I can’t stop the aging process, I plan to fight it—kicking and screaming—the entire way. With that pursuit in mind, in addition to adopting a healthier lifestyle over the past several years, I’ve met with various professionals to discuss my ‘age-defying’ options. When I recently learned how the Chinese practice of acupuncture and cupping can help promote facial rejuvenation, as well as total-body benefits, I signed on for the treatments. Granted, I believe beauty is only skin deep and our characters bear witness to the beauty within. Yet I’m excited about becoming the best version of me—on the outside yes, but also my overall health and wellness. After all, this is the only body that’s going to carry for me the next half century.

How important is total health to you?

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Beauty is only skin deep … and then what?

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Yesterday one of the nurses at my dermatology office said I looked so good … for someone my age.  I chuckled under my breath at her qualifier.  On the one hand, it’s nice being told you look good.  On the other hand, I was reminded once again that I’m fighting a losing battle against time.  But I realized something.  The old cliché — beauty is only skin deep — doesn’t stop there.  Because when age has replaced looks, we can choose to allow our inner beauty to bubble up from within.  A positive outlook and sense of humor (no, really, acne and wrinkles are totally what I expected in middle age), a frequent smile to brighten our eyes and kind words on our lips are amazing substitutes for the fountain of youth (and don’t cost us a penny).  It also doesn’t hurt to catch at least seven hours of Zzzs each night.  Now if I could just manage that one (I typically get five to six), imagine how good I’d look … for someone my age.

What are a few of the attributes that bring out your inner beauty?