Body shaming comes in all shapes and sizes

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Body shaming


The other day, a couple of (well-meaning) people thought it was okay to comment about my weight on Facebook. If I were heavier, I think it would be un-PC to call me out on it. But I weigh in on the smaller side with a lean BMI. The biggest (no pun intended) thing to note, however, is that my weight is nobody’s business, except my physician’s. What is important is that body shaming is inappropriate toward any size or shape. A few years ago, I wrote an article for In With Skin magazine—titled “Body Image Can Shape Well-Being”—about the ways people close to us may influence our feelings toward our bodies, either positively or negatively, plus tips on how to develop a healthy body image. And as someone who has lived in the shadows of an eating disorder for decades, I speak from experience. It’s okay to express concern (privately, rather than on social media). But remember: words create a lasting impression.

How’s your body image?

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Pushing myself to the edge

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Some of you may have read about my battle with an eating disorder in a recent In With Skin article.  Although years later I am in a much better place physically, at times I still struggle psychologically.  For example, Friday and Saturday, combined, I logged in 4.25 hours between the gym and Yoga studio.  A girlfriend asked me why I push myself so hard.  Without analyzing it too much, in some ways it’s oftentimes the only area of my life I truly feel in control over.  Poor food choices or personal issues beyond my power equal double-time in my happy place(s).  Of course, there’s also an element of attempting to fight the age thing. My girlfriend also suggested it’s a form of punishment.  Whatever the reason, for me there’s nothing like the endorphin rush I receive — even the emotionally-charged moments where I’ve been flailed, my feelings stripped raw and exposed.  Makes you want to hit the gym with me next time, doesn’t it?

Where’s your go-to happy place?

Better late than never

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Last year around this time I started my internship as an editor at In With Skin, a national beauty and lifestyle magazine. It was my first job after I graduated from ASU on the 26-year plan (following two consecutive semesters interning on Superstition Review, ASU’s online literary magazine). Now I work at a local publishing company learning a different side of the business and I write in my “free” time.  Although it took me over half of my life to figure out what I wanted to do “when I grew up,” I would still do it all over again if given the choice because I ended up on a rewarding, albeit different path. And I have a sneaking suspicion that’s a snapshot of Someday — when I’m wrapped in the embrace of dreams fulfilled — surveying the sometimes crazy, oftentimes tumultuous and always the anything-but-straight-and-narrow route which brought me there … better late than never.

Is there something you’re glad took place better late than never?