When life isn’t perfect

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I think I can

Whether you think you can,
or you think you can’t,
you’re right. ~ Henry Ford

My life isn’t perfect. Surprise! However, when I publicize on social media or speak to others, I attempt to post or express words of affirmation and encouragement. Because a positive, can-do attitude is one that builds up, rather than tears down. Especially when life isn’t perfect. This doesn’t suggest I’m less than genuine or true to myself, but it can sometimes be misleading. Yet I choose to speak life in a society that is consumed with hate and greed. After all, if we attract what we focus on, it makes sense to choose the good things. And that’s just it: it begins with a choice. Not only that, it’s easier to win over the people around us with a smile or kind word than with a complaint or angry look. Plus—even if it’s not a good day, there’s always something good in every day.

What kind of life do you portray to others?

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Just say thank you


Just say thank you

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

If someone pays me a compliment, oftentimes I blow it off.  Like when I’m told I look younger than my chronological age, I give credit to my adult acne.  If someone offers positive affirmation on my physique, I agree it’s not bad for someone my age.  Why is it so hard to simply say thank you?  Recently, I received a note from a friend telling me I had inspired her.  And I realized just because I’m not perfect (a blemish here, excess skin there, a mistake on something I’ve proofread a half-dozen times), doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge a nicety for the effort I make to improve myself daily.  That goes for kudos on the stuff that’s visible, and the stuff we can’t see, as well.  So even though we’re flawed individuals outside and inside, we never know when something we say or do may inspire someone around us.  Next time someone pays me a compliment, I’ll just try saying thank you. 

How do you handle a nicety?