From manic to magical: ‘Funday Monday’

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Dread Mondays? Need to modify your mindset? I can relate. With that conundrum in mind, I arrived at an idea to transition from weekends into the work week by experimenting with something I call Funday Monday. Yes, you heard right. For me, weekends equate to “hustle” and “R&R.” On Saturdays, I cram as much to-dos as I can into the day. Although I realize that may not work for everyone, I like knowing that Sundays represent rest, recreation, reconnection and reset. And, although Mondays mean “day job,” I’ve started sprinkling—throughout—a bit of weekend fun. This might look like an early morning trek through the mountains or include a mid-day walk to McDonald’s for an iced mocha; or maybe a mani-pedi and/or movie marathon to round out the day. You might choose to meditate, meet a friend, schedule a massage or crank up your favorite music. With just a tiny amount of imagination, you can transform Mondays from manic to magical.

How do you feel about Mondays?

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A writer with a capital W

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Writer with a capital W

This is not a new discussion.  I’m constantly beating my head against a brick wall on the topic and thought I’d ask my “closest” friends on Facebook what constitutes a “real” writer — forgetting, of course, that I’m a writer (at least that’s what I call myself).  Here are some responses:  … I enjoy a person that can provoke an emotion. Be it laughter, sorrow, glee, etc.; chain smoker; self-loathing, abusive, alcoholic; a person who has written, finished and published several works of literature in print; … a very active imagination; …can write something that will keep my attention from beginning to end; loner; … capable of captivating and retaining a reader.  According to a couple answers, I’m definitely a “real” writer.  I can provoke an emotion (even if it might be disgust).  I have a very active imagination (even if I say so myself).  Maybe if I take on the other qualities, I’ll be a Writer with a capital W.

What is a “real” writer in your book?

Saying goodbye … to 2012

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Saying goodbye

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Thirty days remain to wrap up the year and our list of goals.  I feel pretty good about my own progress, and whatever didn’t get accomplished by December 31st must not have been important.  Or, I just wasn’t ready to tackle whatever it was.  Instead of resolutions for 2013, however, I plan to adopt the following tenets:

Ten Spiritual Tonics ~ Abraham L. Feinberg

1. Stop worrying.  Worry kills life.
2. Begin each day with a prayer. It will arm your soul.
3. Control appetite.  Over-indulgence clogs body and mind.
4. Accept your limitations.
5. Don’t envy.  It wastes time and energy.
6. Have faith in people.  Cynicism sours the disposition.
7. Find a hobby.  It will relax your nerves.
8. Read a book a week to stimulate imagination and broaden your views.
9. Spend some time alone for the peace of solitude and silence.
10. Try to want what you have, instead of spending your strength trying to get what you want.

How are your goals looking?

What you don’t know


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When I was in school and living at home, my mom made an apple crisp that was tasty, yet seemed “different.”  The apple slices were longer and narrower than those of a normal apple.  When I questioned her about it, she adopted a cute little smirk and, after a little prodding, admitted it was because the apple slices were really zucchini slices.  Unfortunately, as soon as I knew it wasn’t an apple crisp, with no justification I automatically didn’t like it.  This past weekend, I made a baked pasta dish my daughter grew up eating, but this time I prepared it with gluten-free rotini and offered it to her without sharing that tiny difference.  She ate the whole serving, praising its yumminess, and ended up consuming a healthy, home-cooked meal.  What she didn’t know, didn’t hurt her.  Moreover, it was actually good for her.  That may be a smart way to look at life.

Would you rather know every little detail, or leave some things to the imagination?