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I’ve been remiss.  Since January, three fellow bloggers have nominated me for four separate blogger awards and I’ve done nothing about it.  These awards include:

Each blogger award requires a bit of work prior to acceptance, however.  Linking back to the person who nominated me is definitely a quick and painless task, but then a dozen-ish more blogs (for each award) require nomination and I’d also need to go overboard in the rambling about myself department.  During my lunch hour the other day, I only had time to peruse a few other bloggers’ sites among many.  I’m truly honored, but my Franklin is maxed out.  Therefore, I must simply and humbly say thank you for the nominations.  Hopefully I’ll continue to bring versatility, inspiration, loveliness and illumination to the blogs I post.  Please keep reading.

When you’re pressed for time, what gives?