Fighting the odds … and winning

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Laptop screen winner

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

I’ve been fighting genetics ever since I can remember.  From the outside, no one would ever know my cholesterol has been in the “high risk for heart disease” category for years.  And because I live with a heart defect, it’s something my cardiologist watches closely.  Although I have successfully avoided medication through diet and exercise, six months ago my numbers were disconcerting: 231 total and 116 LDL (bad cholesterol).  (My triglycerides and HDL have historically been good due to exercise.)  Jump ahead six months.  After practicing Bikram Yoga — as well as incorporating a few recent diet modifications — it appears I have finally broken through the bad genes to achieve a healthy 184 total and 84 LDL.  I know Bikram is a healer.  My improved IBS symptoms are proof.  But for me, seeing it in black and white serves as validation that each time I step in the hot room, I’m saving my life.  90 minutes at a time.

Is there a genetic barrier you’ve fought … and won?

One day at a time

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Only 30 days

[Image credit: renjith krishnan]

Tomorrow is my final day of the 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge.  It’s also the end of my resolve to avoid sweets, alcohol, caffeine and anything non-vegan.  People have told me I’ll feel amazing afterward, and it’s true.  They’ve also asked if I’m going for 60 — and what I plan to do once the challenge is complete.  I’d like to keep going.  I’ve toned and trimmed some trouble spots.  I’ve improved my strength, balance and determination.  My IBS symptoms are better than ever.  My skin is cooperating.  And I learned I can do anything for 30 days.   However, I may swap out a day or two of Yoga for the gym a couple of times a week.  Maybe add a cup of coffee back into my diet.  For me, it’s become more about living one day at a time, while accepting where my body and mind is on any given day, rather than making more commitments.  So I’ll decide on Monday.

What have you done for only 30 days?