Getting real: ‘I got the call’ Q&A with Harlequin is live!

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I was excited when my editor invited me to participate in the ‘I got the call’ Q&A series with my new publisher. But even though I’ve conducted interviews in the industry from the driver’s seat for years, the view from the passenger seat looked a bit scarier! So after drafting my responses, I asked my husband for feedback. Honestly, I thought he’d be wowed…[read more]

Answering the call: stepping into a new season

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Photo by Jae Park on Unsplash.

Although March came in like a lion and snow still lingers on the ground in my slice of the forest, I recently spotted a robin—a hopeful sign that spring is just around the corner. And while it was fun to experience a “real” winter after 22 years, I’m looking forward to…[read more]