Last month I attended the movie Shouting Secrets with a friend of mine.  At the end of the screening, the actors participated in a Q&A.  Someone asked what it felt like to watch themselves on the big screen once filming was complete.  Answers ranged from surreal to a little nervous to critical.  That’s how I felt the first time one of my articles came out in print.  A couple of weeks ago, another article of mine was published in Construction Superintendentpage 4.  I didn’t even read it when the copies were delivered to my office due to a case of nerves and the fear I’d be too critical.  It was also a bit surreal.  I think those feelings are a good thing, however, the way it keeps me grounded.  The actors we met that evening were one of the most down-to-earth groups I’ve met.  It’s nice when we realize we’re all human; we just have different jobs.

What makes you a little nervous, critical or seems surreal?