Taking stock

[Image credit: Pong]

From the media, to Washington, to Hollywood and society as a whole, many of us need to take stock and ask ourselves if we are living authentic lives, or distorting the truth of who we really are. Do we conform to ideals that don’t match our own in order to “fit in?” Or do our lives reflect our core beliefs? The other day I reacted to a situation in a way that is contrary to the person I strive to be. Obviously, we are human and not always going to put our best foot forward. But it made me take stock of how I represent myself to those around me—whether my family, friends or people who pass in and out of my life. Do I treat them in the same fashion I want to be treated? Am I honest with not only myself, but with my neighbor? And can I truly say: what you see is what you get.

What will others learn from observing your life?