[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

Last weekend I posted a comment on Facebook and used the word site to describe a location.  After typing it, I experienced a little panicky feeling that I used the wrong homophone (a word pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning).  Although site was used correctly, a grammar lesson was born.  Briefly, cite means to quote, mention, illustrate or reference and is derived from the root word citation.  The word site is typically used as a noun to reference position or place or as a verb meaning to position or locate, and is related to situation and situate.   As for sight, it is used as a noun to describe vision and appearance or a verb meaning to notice or observe; its synonyms are eyesight and view.  If you think about how each word is related to its synonyms or roots, it should make it easier to ensure you’re using the “write” one.

What is your surefire way to keep from mixing up these three words?