Laptop screen winner

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

I’ve been fighting genetics ever since I can remember.  From the outside, no one would ever know my cholesterol has been in the “high risk for heart disease” category for years.  And because I live with a heart defect, it’s something my cardiologist watches closely.  Although I have successfully avoided medication through diet and exercise, six months ago my numbers were disconcerting: 231 total and 116 LDL (bad cholesterol).  (My triglycerides and HDL have historically been good due to exercise.)  Jump ahead six months.  After practicing Bikram Yoga — as well as incorporating a few recent diet modifications — it appears I have finally broken through the bad genes to achieve a healthy 184 total and 84 LDL.  I know Bikram is a healer.  My improved IBS symptoms are proof.  But for me, seeing it in black and white serves as validation that each time I step in the hot room, I’m saving my life.  90 minutes at a time.

Is there a genetic barrier you’ve fought … and won?