Maybe it’s about the story

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more about the story
We’re told that in life, it’s about the journey, not the destination. The same is true when it comes to yoga: it’s not about the final expression—it’s all about the process. I remember attending college and preparing hours for an exam that was cumulative of an entire semester. But, ultimately, it was about showing up and applying myself every day. So even though living happily-ever-after may be the ideal, perhaps it’s more about the mechanics and plot twists, character-development, triumphs, conflicts and self-realization along the way. Because if we skip right to the ending, we’ll miss out on all the middle stuff—that which builds us if we don’t let it break us first. And the truth is, although we can write in a happy ending to our life’s story, it’s not guaranteed.  However, if we live one page at a time, one chapter at a time, we’ll be better prepared for Someday when it arrives.

Do you focus more on the story, or on the ending?

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Home, sweet home

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We are homesick most for the places we have never known.
~ Carson McCullers

I wonder if this quote refers to exotic locales for the homebody, or the comfortable craziness of a loving family for the orphaned, or a whirlwind book-signing tour for the aspiring author or possibly the fairytale union for the romantic inside many of us.  Although personal experience is lacking in areas we’ve never seen or heard, tasted or touched, I believe there may be a part of us longingly wishing for these places McCullers writes about.  Perhaps this is where our pie-in-the-sky dreams are born and why we oftentimes make sacrifices in the name of glamour, unconditional acceptance, success or happily-ever-after.  Or maybe we are the holdouts, persevering until we attain it all — the whole package.  And instead of glitz and fanfare or whatever it is we had hoped for, we’re surrounded by a quiet confidence because we know we’re finally home.

Can you think of a particular place you’re homesick for?

The changing face of our dreams


As a little girl, I longed for more than anything to be a writer.  Over the years, my aspirations have jumped from nurse to secretary and from teacher to beach bum.  While I’ve written in past posts about spending my first 26 odd working years in various administrative roles, being a writer has always been a dream tucked in the recesses of my heart — a desire which has finally taken flight within the past few years.  Since I’m a romantic, my fantasies have also consisted of the happily-ever-after variety where I’m walking hand-in-hand along the ocean coast, toes swallowed up in the warm sand and salty surf.  Over time, however, my hopes for Someday have begun to take on a new face for Today.  So whether I’m surrounded by a view of endless beaches, or perhaps the rugged beauty of the desert, the staying power of my dreams remains.  Even when those dreams change moment by moment.

Are your dreams in need of a facelift?

Stuffing it in

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Today’s post came to me as I reflected on how, from the outside, my injured ankle seemed ready to sport a pair of my “big girl” shoes (a.k.a. hot heels), as well as resume working out.  But below the surface, the muscles and tendons and ligaments were (and are) still healing, preparing my ankle to support my weight (in fashionable pumps and while performing lunges).  And I started thinking about how many of us are like that with our hurts and disappointments.  On the exterior, we appear to have it all together — nice home and car, good kids, decent marriage and career — but in reality, many of us are habitually stuffing our hopes into the far recesses of our minds to collect cobwebs and possibly die off altogether, while disguising the cracks in our shells the best we can.  Maybe it’s easier that way because we don’t want to make waves, trigger strife or hurt the ones we care about, or we’re afraid of change, it’s too much work and so on.  Or perhaps we’re in the exact place we’re supposed to be for a given season in order to prepare for the day when we can finally reclaim our dreams of happily-ever-after, dust them off and fully live in the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Do you hide your true self by stuffing it in, or go after what you want without looking back?