[Image credit: Simon Howden]

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: life is too short.  At my age, I’m finally learning how to embrace this philosophy by giving myself permission to say “no” (or even yes) without feeling guilty — and without the need to apologize or make excuses for myself.  After a week of hitting the gym following time-off to allow my ankle to heal, I skipped my work out on the eighth day because I decided my sleep was more important.  Following a healthy dinner one night, I indulged in a few Girl Scout thin mints for dessert and enjoyed every bite, knowing I’d be in spin class the next morning.  And although I would have loved spending time with several sweet ladies this past Sunday evening, I also knew I needed to prepare for the week ahead.  Things, people and pleasures will always vie for our time, but we need to learn how to choose which ones will keep us moving forward.  Without feeling guilty.

Do you struggle with guilt instead of enjoying the moment?