Cut yourself a little slack

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Cut yourself slack


When you leave town in two days, your adult child needs her mommy; you work overtime to stock up the refrigerator, toss extra loads of laundry in the wash and get the house in order; your day job deadlines loom; health issues mean extra doctor appointments; you accept another yoga challenge and the cat vomits on your leather sofa—you might not be able to accomplish each of the steps you’ve outlined to achieve your goals. I reminded myself of this when the time I set aside to write the other night came and went (after more than a month of daily writing). If I expect to pursue my dreams guilt free, then I must also cut myself slack when I’m sidetracked by life. Instead of writing for a prescribed period, maybe I pare it to half or jot down thoughts whenever possible. Once (most) everything is under control, however, it’s important to dive right back in.

How do you know when it’s time to cut yourself slack?

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Blessings in disguise

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I don’t like to sit still.  Unless it’s my choice.  A week ago I fell and sprained my ankle at the end of a 3 1/2 mile run, forcing me to forfeit the gym and stay off my feet more rather than less.  That also meant no repeat of last Tuesday’s sunset hike in the mountains, and no spin class during the past seven days.  But what it has meant is an excuse to curl up on my sofa (with the injured leg elevated, of course) and catch a long-anticipated movie on Netflix, guilt-free.  And instead of dealing with a crowded, noisy restaurant over the weekend, we invited out-of-town relatives to mi casa for a home cooked meal.  In addition, last night we unanimously (albeit silently) declared family TV night for more hours than I care to admit.  Plus, I had a chance to face a critical decision head-on with time to weigh the pros and cons.  In response to a photo of my swollen ankle I posted on Facebook, a couple of my friends jokingly commented that exercise is bad.  Actually, I think my injury produced a few blessings in disguise.

When has something negative happened to you that turned out to be positive in the long run?