One foot in front of the other: building connection

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In my latest writing workshop, participants chose one goal and noted it on the left-hand side of the page, with desired/expected results on the right—and a bridge connecting one side to the other. This is where we filled in actionable “steps”…[read more]

Dress for success

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Dress for success

If we manifest the fruition of our thoughts—whether negative or positive—it makes sense that if we desire a given outcome, we’ll make every effort to emulate, create space for, focus on, the end result. In other words, between point A and point B, we must work to attract victory. The law of attraction reveals that very thing: we attract more of what we focus on. This holds true in spite of what we seek. The more we complain or wallow in self-pity, the more we bring the same upon us. So if we were to desire a high-powered job and our position is entry level, we must dress for the goal our eye is fixed upon. If we aspire to be an artist, musician, academic, writer, dancer, etc., we’ll create space to study and practice our craft and surround ourselves with like-minded souls. Misery loves company, because misery is not alone. Positive thinking begets positive results. I choose the latter.

How do you dress for success?

Older but wiser

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You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream. ~ C.S. Lewis

I read something recently — on Facebook perhaps, or maybe I heard it on the news or ran across it in a book — how some people find it easier to do a job that pays the bills but leads to nowhere, than to take that leap of faith by setting a new goal or pursuing a new dream.  That used to be me.  The girl who kept her eyes down, lived quietly in her little circle of influence and plugged away.  Until I went back to school and my eyes were opened to a world of possibilities and opportunities.  And I see more and more people my age who are just starting to live the lives they’ve only dreamed of.  Sometimes I feel like that guy who fell asleep in Gulliver’s Travels and I’ve woken up in a new place.  Older, yes.  But wiser, too.

What’s a new dream you’re dreaming?