Word-of-the-month in honor of Memorial Day: fealty

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[Image credit: Arvind Balaraman]

My contribution for May’s word-of-the-month comes by way of a friend of mine who ran across it in a book he was reading.  This Memorial Day seems to me the perfect day to feature the word fealty — a noun meaning faithfulness; allegiance (according to thefreedictionary.com).  Synonyms include loyalty, submission, devotion, fidelity and homage.  Used in a sentence, it may read: Today’s holiday encourages us to remember the men and women who pledged fealty to our country and sacrificed their lives in order that we may all sleep better at night.  It’s so easy to take our freedoms for granted.  But on days like today, we’re reminded that behind the Pledge of Allegiance and each American flag that proudly flies, are those who have served and been buried … brave and selfless souls who stood in my both my place and yours.  God Bless America.

Is there something you display a strong fealty for?

What’s the big idea?

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For someone whose career aspirations and life’s passion revolves around the creative arts, I’m embarrassed to admit I’m probably one of the least creative people I know.  When sewing, I need a pattern to follow.  Any meal I make requires a recipe.  Whether performing on my trumpet or at the keyboard, a written score has always directed my fingers.  In other words: improvisation is not my middle name.  Imagine my surprise when I took my first creative writing course at ASU and learned there were no “formulas” for good writing.  Guidelines, yes.  Absolutes, no.  Obviously, there are dos and don’ts, but as a rule, there are no rules.  I still remember asking my professor what we were supposed to write about for our first story: Whatever you want.  Although slightly freaked out at the time, over the past few years, I’ve learned that the freedom in being creative gives me license to try on a new me for size, or to see what Someday may look like from different angles.  I still use patterns to sew, recipes to cook and sheet music to play.  But when it comes to my writing, it’s a mystery that unfolds one word at a time … and I like it that way.

Do you lean towards creativity, or logic?

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