Exhale the old, inhale the new

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jan 1 2015


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So far the best saying I’ve stumbled across that pertains to the New Year is: Exhale 2014, inhale 2015. I love the visual this invokes: Shed the old in order to fill up with the new. But I believe that in order to make room for more of the good stuff, it’s important to acknowledge the bad stuff and then let it go. Didn’t get everything crossed off your bucket list? Pare it down this year, make it more attainable. Loved and lost? Give thanks for those who made you feel alive. Ran head first into a few hiccups on your journey? Learn and continue to live. Each moment is an opportunity to love more, forgive more, appreciate more… be more. My personal focus for the New Year is balance—while at the same time doing more (of the above). And remember: Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product (Eleanor Roosevelt). I’m ready.

What is one area you plan to focus on in the coming year?

Choosing to look ahead

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In all of our relationships — whether it’s marriage or boyfriend/girlfriend, parenting or a friendship or even our peers in the work place — it’s easy to dwell on the times that leave a bad taste in our mouths.  But just like I talked about in Mind over matter, it’s up to each of us whether we choose to replace the negative with the positive; it’s also our choice to look ahead rather than behind.  For example, we can choose to forgive our partner for forgetting a special occasion.  And we can choose not to repeat in our minds spiteful words our children say in the heat of an argument.  We can also choose to not hold grudges and to be gracious when someone else makes a mistake.  In my experience it helps to realize I’m oftentimes the offending party, so I can only hope others make the same choice when it comes to me.  To forge ahead instead of lag behind.

Where do you spend the most time looking?

Life lessons I’ve learned (so far)

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Some people come in your life as blessings.  
Some come in your life as lessons.
~ Anonymous

Not all things are as they appear on the surface.  It’s always the write time but with some matters, it may be too late.  Someday will take care of itself; appreciate what’s in front of your nose Today.  You win some and you lose some.  Mix it up.  Do everything you can to keep out of your self-imposed ruts.  Time flies when you’re having fun, and even when you’re not.  Never make pinky promises you can’t keep.  Purge the past; bury it deeply if you have to.  Laugh at yourself until you cry.  Forgive freely.  Love unabashedly.  Dish out second chances like a lifeline, because that’s what they are and we all need them.  Set boundaries.  Hold the hands tightly of those sharing in your journey and never let go.  Nothing lasts Forever.  And when we get to the end of this life, we’ll discover how short it really was.

What life lessons have you learned lately?