Real listener

… Real listeners don’t charm, flatter, provoke or interrupt…
They suspend the self and listen.
~ Michael P. Nichols

A pet peeve of mine is when I try to express myself verbally and the listener cuts me off. This happened a couple of nights ago and was explained away with the words: I already know what you’re going to say… you always repeat yourself… you’re going to tell me X, Y and Z. Well guess what? Wrong. That wasn’t what I had planned to say. And I don’t always repeat myself. Similar topic, but that’s not the point. Nichols’ quote also states: ‘Listeners who pretend interest don’t fool us for long—even though they sometimes fool themselves.’ Newsflash: When we feign interest, we appear insincere and self-absorbed. But, when we offer our sincere attention to another, we humbly convey—without words—that they are important to us and what they have to say matters. I have work to do in this area, myself.

Do you feel heard today?

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