[Image credit: renjith krishnan]

Sometimes I feel like our lives are an endless race.  For me, the alarm clock rings and I’m up and running (okay, walking slowly), “racing” to post my blog, get to the gym by 5:45, open the office at 8:00, and then tackle everything on my work task list before 4:00 rolls around and it’s time to race home to start dinner, eat at 6:00 and sit down by 8:00 to write for the evening before starting all over in the morning.  Whew!  Throw in my recent doctor’s appointments and social engagements, errands and a rare TV show and there’s always something.  And over the next few weeks, I feel like I’m racing against time to receive answers pertaining to my health before I travel.  Only now, I’m at the mercy of medical technicians and physicians, hospitals and labs.  It’s at times like these that we need to take a deep breath and know we’re doing all we can.  Watch out, though, because once I feel better, I’ll be doing an all-out sprint to the finish line.  Or maybe I’ll just drop back and enjoy the scenery.

Do you feel like you’re always racing against time?