Taking stock: evaluating the process

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Taking stock


The goal thing seems to be working for me (see Crush your goal(s) one step at a time): I set a realistic amount of time to work on my book project each week and adjust my life around it. The first week I tallied in a bit shy of my goal, however, after a few tweaks I settled into a comfortable writing groove. But then two things happened: 1) I got stuck; i.e., I’ve forgotten most of several weekend’s worth of mountain musings where I fleshed out characters and plot points; and 2) Two new writing opportunities fell into my lap: one a contest and the other a guest blog post (both with back-to-back deadlines). Rather than view these new commitments as diversions, though, I’d like to think of them as opportunities to bend and stretch my writer’s muscles. This way, I can remain flexible so I’m ready to jump back into my book project when the time is write.

How is the goal thing working for you?

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Step 4 to live more (abundantly)

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step 4


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If I’m all about simplifying my life, then this five-step process of evaluating my satisfaction with said life, identifying areas that don’t serve me and planning energy-renewal solutions to change  it up in 14 days is way more trouble than it’s worth. But wait, there’s more! Step four: make a commitment and take action. Now that I know what I need to change, I have begun what I’ve deemed “the list.” This includes the whats, as well as the hows (the time allotted to each task). For example, if clutter drains my energy, each week I’ve committed time to tackle the piles. If my grad school application is due Jan. 1, 2016 (life happened and I’ve had to push it out another year), I have a clear outline of what needs to happen and when. If I want to revamp my fitness goals, I simply consult “the list” for a lifestyle plan that works for me. There’s no thinking twice!

What’s stopping you from a more abundant life?