[Image credit: Michal Marcol]

Sometimes our first attempt at a feat is an epic fail.  Of course, this makes it harder to go for it a second time but, if it’s important enough, we’ll give it the old “college try.”  When that effort is a total disaster, however, a third shot at it is highly unlikely.  Unless we remember that often, the third time’s the charm — the magical victory to a losing streak.  Last week I received my second “no” on a piece I’m writing.  I was given guidance after the first submission and rejection, as well as on the most recent one but I hope the third time is truly the charm.  Especially because I’m not sure what more I have to offer.  But I know it’s preparing me for the bigger stuff — when it comes to chapters and whole sections of that book I’m planning to write … Someday.  Hopefully by then all of my practice will pay off the first time.

How many times before you cut your losses?