Fuel gauges

[Image credit: Salvatore Vuono]

I’ve been running on an empty tank for the past few months. Even with regular Bikram yoga practice, I’m weary and uninspired more often than not. I think, in part, it’s because I’m not exactly where I believe I should be. Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that, at the same time, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. However, that just means I’m uncomfortable enough to take stock of my life and acknowledge that what I’m looking at is only a small piece of the big picture. My remedy? I’ve started doing more (of the good stuff): traveling to the Midwest to visit family and friends, scheduling time to attend a local tourist attraction and my first volunteer stint for a non-profit, preparing for an upcoming writers’ convention and my high school reunion, plus planning a getaway in the fall. I figure the more I invest in myself and others, the more likely I’ll fill my tank and become inspired again.

What keeps you energized and inspired?