The truth of the matter: feelings or fact

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Not too long ago, I noticed a recurring theme in my speech. While I’m not suggesting the following phrases aren’t valid, they gave me pause: “I don’t feel like it,” and “I’m not in the mood.” But here’s the problem: both are based on emotion vs. truth. And the truth is:…[read more]

Outside of the box

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Outside of the box

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One of my male friends explained to me that guys are better able to compartmentalize their feelings than women are. Apparently they possess the ability to stuff emotions into imaginary boxes and either ignore, or remove them at will. Females, on the other hand, are equipped with a million wires carrying—non-stop—every thought and feeling they’ve ever had. With all I’m currently dealing with, I figured I’d try the box thing. Yes, I know I’m a girl. But if I don’t “shut down,” I end up dwelling on circumstances I cannot change, oftentimes worrying needlessly or jumping to wrong conclusions. Or just thinking too much. Living “outside of the box” allows me to better focus on what I do have control over without getting my wires crossed. And when I need to examine my feelings, I simply repack the appropriate box afterwards. Someday I hope to purge a box or two. But until then, this is my new normal.

How do you keep feelings from becoming distractions?

Worry gets us nowhere fast

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Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.  ~Author Unknown

In my post On your mark, get set … I bring up the idea of fear immobilizing us even before we get started.  On that same note, fear is also counterproductive.  We can be scared to death, worry ourselves sick, give ourselves ulcers or any number of clichéd maladies, but the truth of the matter is that fear does not change the outcome.  As a matter of fact, it may possibly make it worse.   Of course, if we’re able to rectify the problem or concern right away, then worry is cut off at the root and not allowed to grow into a full-blown panic attack.  But there have been countless nights when I’ve kept myself awake fretting over an issue that can’t be addressed until morning.  And with that being the case, you’d think I’d simply make a note and tackle the situation in the light of day … when everything looks better anyway.  But even though we know better, it’s easy to get caught up in emotions rather than letting logic lead the way.  One of these days (or nights) I hope to get it right.

Are you a worry wart, or are you able to let concerns roll easily off your back?