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One of my goals for this year is to travel more.  More than what? you may ask.  Just more.  Last year, I was fortunate to spend 10 magical days in the southeast along the gulf on my eat, pray, love journey, and then another 10 days in the Midwest with my dad and as many family and friends as time allowed.  Since starting my job last fall, however, I’ve had to revisit my planning for 2012 (shorter, more frequent trips).  So far this year I’ve spent a long weekend in the Midwest, with another mini-getaway on the calendar and — fingers crossed — a road trip with a dear friend.  For my most recent trip, I organized everything to a T (although the weather didn’t completely cooperate).  But it was more stressful having to stick to an agenda than play things by ear.  So for my upcoming travels, I plan to try something different: not make plans.  No Franklin, no set schedule, just fly by the seat of my pants.  As long as I see my best man, I’ll be more than good.

Do you plan your trips from start to finish, or is it more fun to watch them unfold as they will?