Happy anniversary to me


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Two weeks ago I celebrated a momentous occasion: my one-year anniversary with the publishing firm I work for.  In some ways, I can hardly believe 365 days have come and gone since my first day on the job, but in other ways, it feels as if I’ve been a part of the team for years.  In my experience — whether it’s a job or a new friend or group of people — when the dynamics are aligned just so, I think it’s only natural to move into that empty spot waiting to be filled by our unique personality and skills.  I think that says a lot about ourselves to be able to fit in, and about the people we’re with.  As for my job, I hope I’m there for a while … as long as I’m still learning and still gaining experience doing what I love.  Here’s to another year: of knowledge, of success and continued laughter.

What have you done for a short time, but feels like years?

‘Tis the season

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Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder.
~ Tia Mowry

This past week has been a particularly challenging one for my daughter.  She’s had to make some tough decisions and many days all I’ve been able to do is sit back and watch, listen and offer mama-sized hugs.  And although during the last couple of years the dynamics of our mother-daughter relationship have evolved (and I wouldn’t have it any other way), I can’t help but fight the regrets over years’ worth of selfish parenting rather than selfless parenting.  I mentioned my remorse to my best friend and she patted me on the back, then told me the timing is perfect for my daughter now.  Those words encouraged me to begin moving past the misgivings and dwell, instead, on the daily opportunities in front of me to do it right.  Or at least do it better this time around.  Second chances are a beautiful thing.

Have you discovered a new season of do-it-right opportunities?