From the bottom of my heart

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From the bottom of my heart

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As of tomorrow, I’ve fulfilled one of my two dozen goals for 2012.  Although it may be the end of my daily blogs, it is not the end of my rambling and rhetoric.  Plans for 2013  include randomly checking in and sharing a piece of wisdom, posting updates on how my other writing ventures are going and my ever-present quest for Someday.  Maybe I’ll note a quote that touched my writer’s soul or step on my soapbox to air a grievance.  Rest assured (to the chagrin of many), I’m not likely to run out of things to say anytime soon.  So if you’ve been a follower, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And I hope you’ll stick with me as I enter yet another new season where I put fingers to keyboard and tackle a dream.  In the meantime, go after what you want with everything you’ve got.  It’s always the *write* time.

If you could devote yourself to fulfilling one dream, what would it be?

Older but wiser

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You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream. ~ C.S. Lewis

I read something recently — on Facebook perhaps, or maybe I heard it on the news or ran across it in a book — how some people find it easier to do a job that pays the bills but leads to nowhere, than to take that leap of faith by setting a new goal or pursuing a new dream.  That used to be me.  The girl who kept her eyes down, lived quietly in her little circle of influence and plugged away.  Until I went back to school and my eyes were opened to a world of possibilities and opportunities.  And I see more and more people my age who are just starting to live the lives they’ve only dreamed of.  Sometimes I feel like that guy who fell asleep in Gulliver’s Travels and I’ve woken up in a new place.  Older, yes.  But wiser, too.

What’s a new dream you’re dreaming?

Accounting for the present

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Take a good look at your life.  Better yet, capture it digitally and store it on your external drive for posterity.  What if this snapshot is a representation of life as you know it in five, 10, 20+ years from now?  Would you be satisfied?  Thrilled with how things turned out?  A good friend reminded me we can’t know the future, so in my book that means we better have the present accounted for.  After all, Someday may not arrive, or may look differently than we planned.  Although I won’t stop dreaming, I understand that hoping for Someday may be as good as it gets.  Conversely, if I cease to dream, then I cease to live and I’ll have less to record on “film.”  But hopefully, when Someday does arrive, I’ll pull out the memories and think back to the unknowns — laughing at my impatience and wondering how I could’ve been so narrow-minded.  All while I’m living my dream.

Are you okay with a future that resembles Today?

Imagine it, achieve it

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If you can imagine it, you can achieve it;
if you can dream it, you can become it.
~ William Arthur Ward

If you were not born in the U.S., you can’t be president and, if you are a man, it is not likely you would become Queen of England.  So how can we personally claim this quote for ourselves?  I have to believe that someone who immigrates to the United States would not imagine running for American president.  Nor does it seem plausible anyone other than a royal princess or heiress dreams of reigning as an English Queen.  At times, however, as much as I imagine myself attaining all sorts of riches Someday — to the point of dreaming dreams that seem more like reality — these hopes oftentimes appear less attainable than even the most improbable ones.  But I won’t give up on Someday.  Because the only way I will ever achieve it or become it is to believe it.

What does this quote mean to you?

When one door closes

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When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look
so long and so regretfully upon the closed door,
that we do not see the ones which open for us.
~ Alexander Graham Bell

I’ve been looking forward to this evening all week.  Although I’ll be saying goodbye to a dear friend — someone who has played an integral role in my life over the past eight years — later on I’ll be saying hello to a new friend who I actually met through the first lady.  Thanks to social media, it will be easy to remain in touch with my cross-country friend so that door will never be completely closed.  And as for my new friend, I’m excited for a girls’ weekend getaway.  I wish that gaining one relationship didn’t mean losing the other, but I think that concept proves true with many of life’s bittersweet moments.  Perhaps it’s all about forfeiting one dream to gain something even better … in time.

Which door do you see?

Salvaging our enthusiasm

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In many of my posts, I talk about picking up the pieces and moving forward: from disappointment, setbacks, doubt, roadblocks, heartache.  Whatever it is we’re trying to put behind us.  But how do we actually salvage the enthusiasm to keep going?  Perhaps we replace an old dream with a new one or find a hobby we’re passionate about.  Others give of themselves through volunteer opportunities.  Maybe you’re finally taking that long-awaited trip or you’ve alphabetized your office files.  Everyone is different when it comes to getting excited about facing each new day.  The key is to discover what it is that inspires you.  Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who stash a few of these prompts in your back pocket to take them out at will.  But for others, ask yourself if money, time or any other obstruction didn’t exist, what would be the one thing that compels you to action.  Then imagine your life depended on it.

What is the one thing that inspires your enthusiasm?

Want … or need?

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Never give up on something you really want.  
It’s difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret. ~ Author Unknown

There are things I need in life, but only a few things I really want.  However, sometimes I think about throwing in the proverbial towel when timing isn’t on my side.  I wonder if others possess self-imposed deadlines and, if they’re not living the dream by such-and-such date, if that dream becomes null and void.  I’m not a quitter; however, when something appears impossible, I have a hard time seeing past the roadblocks.  And waiting is hard.  Mostly, though, I don’t want to regret: seeing something through to the end (or maybe a new beginning), not giving it my all, negating the time it takes to transition seasons.  No doubt it would be easier if we could pick a date to write Someday in our planners.  But without that option, we must decide if we really need what we want.

Do you really need what you want?

Surviving the tough decisions

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In my post Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I talked about a particular situation where the outcome was not solely in my control.  However, a couple of days ago I received direction loud and clear in the confines of one or two sentences spoken between friends.  This resulted in the absolution of a figurative pinky promise and a mutual dream … for now.  After following through with my decision, I’ve admittedly experienced a heap of warring emotions: remorse, disappointment, sadness and failure, as well as a double dose of second guesses.  If not for my resolve to do the right thing, I may be stricken with grief, as well.   But if I peel back the layers and closely examine the myriad feelings, I just might also detect a small amount of relief on both sides of the equation.  At this point in time, it’s this latter emotion I must passionately cling to in order to move forward with my heart intact.

What is your secret to surviving the tough decisions?

Residing in the in-betweens

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In between goals is a thing called life,
that has to be lived and enjoyed. ~ Sid Caesar

It’s helpful to have those stepping-stones to advance us from Point A to Z without getting our feet wet.  Or at least provide us the impetus to continue moving forward when the journey seems endless, or even thankless.  We break down the big goals into smaller, more manageable tasks.  We include times of refreshment and rejuvenation for our souls or muses or whatever it is that makes us tick.  We dream about a future Someday while muddling through each of our Todays.  But in between doing all of that or when we’re in the middle of the tough stuff — the stuff we want to skim over or ignore completely because it doesn’t feel good, it’s boring or sometimes lonely — we need to take Caesar’s advice to live and enjoy this life during the in-betweens.  Because one day we’ll look back and realize those were quite possibly the times that held potential for the utmost victories, the deepest opportunities for bettering ourselves or the greatest heartbreak countered by the greatest joy.  And we can never get them back.

Do you make the most of the in-between times, or gloss over them, dreaming of better?

Letting go … for now

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Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.  ~Author Unknown

I have big expectations for 2012.  24 of them, actually.  In my post what have you got to lose?, I mentioned my desire to take deliberate chances, or risks, during the year.  Not one, but many.  For some time now, I’ve been struggling with an important decision.  Although it was by far one of the hardest I’ve had to make pertaining to moving forward with my life, it wasn’t so much the act of doing as opposed to letting go … the relinquishing of a dream until circumstances allow me to wholly live it Someday.   And since a chance is defined as a venture or gamble, luck, fate, destiny or good fortune, I’d like to think my future will shine brighter because I took a chance to let go of one desire — sacrificing  a piece of my heart in the process — while focusing on my more immediate goals.  For now.  If I didn’t believe that, I don’t know if I would have been strong enough to let go.  But it’s when we make these tough choices that we see what we’re truly made of.

Don’t worry about losing.  If it is right, it happens
The Main thing is not to hurry.
Nothing good gets away.  ~ John Steinbeck

Is there a dream you’ve relinquished, either temporarily or permanently, because it just wasn’t the right time to pursue it?

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