Methods to manage morning madness

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Morning madness

In my post ‘When your plans are derailed,’ I share my MO when the best laid intentions don’t quite reach fruition. Yesterday was one of those mornings. After a fitful night’s sleep, I started out five minutes late and it went downhill from there. I attempted to cram too much into too little time, couldn’t settle on an outfit until I’d tried on a half dozen combinations, managed only to skim through my devotions and shirked on my quick-clean routine. An obvious glitch in my ‘simple morning’ plans. Sunday night would’ve been the perfect time to jump start my Monday morning, but I putzed around with a puzzle and a movie instead. After a full weekend, it was okay to indulge in down time; however, I could have made better choices that would’ve added to, rather than taken away from, my workday morning practice. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait until Sunday night to try, try again.

What is one tactic you employ to keep workday mornings simple(r)?

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Balancing the irons in the fire

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A reader made a comment on a past post that sometimes you just need to step away.  Lately, I find myself doing it more often than not.  Because in my quest to fill the empty spaces, I tend to overcompensate with too many irons in the fire.  There’s nothing wrong with keeping busy, but to avoid getting burned (out), downtime is important too — the veg-out-in-front-of-the-TV kind or relaxing with the family over pizza and a game of Trivial Pursuit or whatever allows you to fuel up for the next round.  Although I didn’t get my swim in yesterday (it turns out my community pool isn’t heated), I did step back by stocking up on a stack of library books to help me stir up a healthy dose of inspiration.  I’m also reassessing the activities I’m involved with.  Although I’m excited about each and every one of the groups I’ve joined, I need to ensure which ones will best help me accomplish my goals.  It may turn out all of them are a piece to the puzzle, and I simply need to better manage both my busy and down times.  In any case, I don’t want to get burned.

What’s the secret to managing your numerous irons in the fire?