When only up close and personal will do

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Technology and its ability to keep us connected 24/7 has been a lifesaver for me.  I honestly don’t know that I would have adjusted as well to a cross-country move a dozen years ago without email and mobile phones, and since then Facebook, texts and Skype.  But no amount of technology can “fix it” when you want nothing more than to be face-to-face during something as simple as a celebration, or as complicated as an unexpected hospitalization.  Updates still travel back and forth via satellite, but no amount of technology can make up for a message conveyed only through the human touch, or even a look that speaks volumes.  Right now I find myself in a place where I desire to provide support and comfort to a close friend going through a difficult time — while knowing my hands are tied.  And I feel helpless and a bit lost even as I offer up words of love and encouragement.  I know my friend understands and would feel the same way were the situation reversed.  I just wish things could be different.

Are distance or logistics preventing you from being up close and personal?

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

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Each day my big sister comes up with four things she’s thankful for.  Last week, she and I must have been on the same wavelength despite the 2,000 odd miles separating us, because I learned we shared equally funky moods — misery loves company, or perhaps it’s one of those “sister things.”  Either way, at the end of her email, she listed the four things she was thankful for that day.  I did the same in my reply to her and, not long afterward, discovered I didn’t really feel so funky.  After all, it’s hard to remain blue when you realize your cup is half full.  And considering I’m the only one who has control over the contents of my cup, I choose to fill it with gratefulness.  The four things I’m thankful for today are: 1) the ability to bridge the distance through technology, 2) a day job I enjoy that supports my writing, 3) the gift of sisters and friendship, and 4) fresh-squeezed lemon juice.

What are four things you’re thankful for today?

So close, yet so far away

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2,000 miles: the average distance between my family, friends and me.  Despite the miles, however, Facebook, email, mobile messaging, Skype and air travel magically draw us all close enough — even if temporarily — to touch.   Similarly, when it comes to my dreams, I’ve been fortunate to have received a taste of what’s yet to come — a teaser, if you will — and I know it’s going to be sweet.  But I also realize, just like with relationships, our dreams (whether near or far off in the future) require nurturing or they may easily slip through our fingers if we’re not careful.  So any opportunity to bridge the distance provides a purpose and a hope … while I wade through the realities of Today on my journey toward Someday.

How do you bridge the gap between dreams that are close, yet still far off in the distance?