Pantser, planner or a little of both?

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Pantser planner


If you’re a writer, the term ‘pantser’ is as familiar to you as the beloved setting where you daydream about all the writing you wish you were doing. Basically, it means to ‘fly by the seat of your pants.’ Writers like this generally begin with a basic plan, then let the story write itself. In life and in writing, I tend to follow the ‘planner’ route; i.e., I like to know what, when, where and how something will happen. Although this rarely transpires outside the confines of my laptop or notebook, I find comfort in staying between the lines. I might consider my living and writing style more middle-of-the-road, however, a ‘plantser’ who performs a little of both—more so now that simplicity is my New Year intention. A loose outline, whether for the day or the next blog or that story idea I’ve contemplated and picked apart for months, simply sets the stage for magic to unfold.

Are you a pantser, planner or a little of both?

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The ache of longing

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There is a space between man’s imagination and man’s attainment
that may only be traversed by his longing. ~ Khalil Gibran (Sand and Foam)

Two nights ago, I found myself daydreaming.  It’s a recurring dream in which I’m living the life I envision for myself … Someday.  In my imagination, my fantasies unfolded in Technicolor: the bluest water and silkiest sand as far as the eyes can see.  Success.  Passion.  The fruits of my labor.  It was — is — everything I’ve always wanted and everything I never knew I always wanted all rolled into a future of my own making.  On this side of Someday, however, I still reside in the space of yesterday, today and tomorrow, coveting a glimpse here and there of what to expect when I finally arrive at my destination.  But it’s still as if a void remains to be filled by the attainment of my dreams.  And the ache of longing — of something I’ve only hoped for — continues to remind me my efforts in the here and now are not in vain.  It’s simply a part of the journey that must be traversed.

What do you find yourself longing for?