Advent of a new year: choosing your ‘word’


Throughout a year loaded with more change than ever, my word for 2020—growth—continues to stretch and mold me. Yet, when I reflect on the past 12 months, I’m encouraged by the countless ways in which I’ve given my word a good workout. Perhaps it’s my age—reaching the halfway point in Club 50 membership can do that to a girl—or maybe it’s the date on the calendar that sparks possibility and expectation as we await the advent of shiny new beginnings. In either case, excitement stirs in my belly as I meditate on my word for 2021: a theme, of sorts, or call to action that captures the spirit of what I’m drawn to most, in this moment—a life of surrender. For me, this looks like creating a plan, but releasing attachment to future outcomes. And, instead, approaching each day with playful curiosity, while practicing resilience in the face of whatever comes.

What word or theme will you focus on in the new year?

The simple things

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The simple things

[Image credit: Rawich]

Sometimes I think cats really know how to live life.  They sleep the majority of the days away, most are satisfied with one variety of dry, crunchy food; one of my cats drools his appreciation when his chin is scratched.  Another of mine enjoys a few laps of cold milk in the mornings.  Oh, to find delight in the simple things.  Sprawled out, belly up in the sunshine.  Security in sameness.  Dining only when hungry; never having to worry about what you wear or how you look.  Bird-watching is live entertainment.  I’d shy away from the hygiene and bathroom business, however.  But otherwise, what a life!  And then there are the wee ones who share their furry four-legged friends’ affinity for a natural curiosity; delight in a fresh snow fall or polka dots.  I believe that recognizing the simple pleasures in our own lives will help keep us young at heart and lead to a greater tolerance for the unavoidable hard knocks.

What is your favorite simple thing?