Full steam ahead

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The little engine


In my post ‘Celebrating small victories’ I talk about how consistency often leads to improvement, however minuscule. Each day is different, whether pertaining to my workouts or my journey toward becoming a published novelist but, as long as I focus on what I can do rather than dwell on what I cannot do—then the sum of each week inevitably reveals a steady climb toward my dreams. When I brake to evaluate my progress, the daily changes are not monumental. But, cumulatively, I’m closer to Someday than I was yesterday. I’ve learned, too, that voicing your goals to the naysayers might derail your plans unless you’re prepared to stand firm in the face of your critics. This might mean participating in activities or lifestyle choices that both affirm and advance your ambitions. And, instead of allowing a limiting belief to stop you at ‘I think I can,’ take it full steam ahead and repeat after yourself: ‘I know I can!

What limiting belief stops you in your tracks?

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Digging down deep

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The time preceding my mini-vacation required me to meet deadlines, add to my cold-weather wardrobe and solidify plans with family and friends. But now, more than a week since I’ve been back from my getaway, the days seem to drag, as well as loom endlessly in front of me. Although I still possess my list of goals to work on, as well as a job I enjoy showing up at each day, writing commitments, fitness objectives, routine chores and a family to care for, I feel like I’m missing more than my motivation.  So I figure there’s no better time to dig down deep and allow the memories I brought home with me — and the anticipation of next time — to pull me out of my funk and propel me one day closer to my dreams coming true.  Easier said than done, but a pity party for one is just no fun.

What does it take for you to recover from a funk?