15 days of thanks


[Image credit: Felixco, Inc.]

Several of my friends on Facebook have been posting what they’re thankful for each day.  These posts range from appreciation of the tangibles like husbands, children, friends, deodorant and pajamas to the intangibles such as playfulness in life, God and the sunrise.  But instead of listing something each day, I stored them up:

  1. Each and every one of my girlfriends who are as unique as the pattern on a butterfly’s wings (you know who you are) who build up, inspire and never let me forget I’m loved.
  2. My family near and far.
  3. Bikram Yoga for its healing benefits, inside and out.
  4. A strong body and workout buddies to share the pain and sweat.
  5. The promise of Someday.
  6. Books.
  7. Nut and rice crackers (gluten free!).
  8. White Russians.
  9. Coffee.
  10. Permission to giggle.
  11. Dark chocolate.
  12. My new church.
  13. Medical insurance.
  14. Both my jobs (publishing assistant and writer).
  15. Galaxy SIII.

What are 15 things you’re thankful for?

You are what you eat


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A while back I posted a status update on Facebook: If you are what you eat, then I’m a Hershey’s chocolate kiss.  Although written in jest, it’s true the fuel we take in not only affects the inside of our bodies, but it shows on the outside.  Clear skin, shiny hair and overall good health are strong indicators of good nutrition.  Add to that a regular fitness plan, and you’ve got the right idea.  Coming from somebody who’s struggled with an eating disorder and psychological issues revolving around food, as well as dealing with an ornery digestive system, I know how hard it can be to make healthy choices when we’re bombarded with so many unhealthy ones.  The closer to the earth our food choices originate, however, the better they are for our bodies.  So the candy corn I abstained from last week was a good move.  But chocolate contains antioxidants, so I’m not giving that up as easily.

If you are what you eat, what are you?