Writer with a capital W

This is not a new discussion.  I’m constantly beating my head against a brick wall on the topic and thought I’d ask my “closest” friends on Facebook what constitutes a “real” writer — forgetting, of course, that I’m a writer (at least that’s what I call myself).  Here are some responses:  … I enjoy a person that can provoke an emotion. Be it laughter, sorrow, glee, etc.; chain smoker; self-loathing, abusive, alcoholic; a person who has written, finished and published several works of literature in print; … a very active imagination; …can write something that will keep my attention from beginning to end; loner; … capable of captivating and retaining a reader.  According to a couple answers, I’m definitely a “real” writer.  I can provoke an emotion (even if it might be disgust).  I have a very active imagination (even if I say so myself).  Maybe if I take on the other qualities, I’ll be a Writer with a capital W.

What is a “real” writer in your book?