Breaking free: rote action is no action

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I write about change. About Someday. About setting goals, taking baby steps, chasing dreams. Extending kindness and sparkles. Eliminating toxic people from our lives; hopefulness. Perseverance. What’s next. And then I “get” busy. Push it all to the back of my closet as I flit from task to task. Pretend I’ve taken hold of life by its proverbial horns. But my tiara is tarnished and I’m tired and all I want to do is jump off the non-stop roller coaster and figure stuff out before it’s too late. I think, for me, discontent no longer points to an unrealized purpose but, rather, my own personal purgatory where life isn’t just passing me by (see “Take action…”). Instead, it’s the rotten stench of anguish and despair that almost suffocates and renders me ineffective. Rote action is no action. Busy-ness can only put off, so long, what must be accomplished to escape from the grip of fear: of failure, regret. The unknown. So, what’s next?

How will you break free?

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So much to do, so little time to think

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Someday is not a day of the week

A recurring theme in my blog posts revolves around Someday, as well as a void I seek to fill by immersing myself in writing or prayer, yoga or volunteer opportunities, cooking or cleaning, crafting or shopping or time with friends. I’ve also been spreading my creative wings and attending art classes and writing workshops and, when I’m not engaged, I’m either watching TV or listening to music, playing online games or losing myself in a fictional world of print. Anything, and everything, to keep my mind from slowing down enough to explore the void and discern what it is I’m truly missing. The persistent busy-ness only creates a temporary fix. I know this, because it’s in the quiet moments just as I fall asleep at night and each morning before I’m fully awake when I ache for Someday and the life I hold an image of. If I stop, and listen, it only reminds me how long I still have to wait.

What is your image of Someday?

It’s not all about me


It's not all about me

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A couple of months ago I read an article that revolved around our busy schedules and the myriad tasks we pile onto our days (guilty as charged).  Another piece talked about teamwork on the job.  It’s true: life continues around us in all its busy-ness  —  at work and at play.  But if we were to slow down a minute, shift our focus and help others get where they need to go, it may also serve to lessen our load … either now, or in the future.  Because in the end, it’s really not all about us.  In the overall scheme of things, our role is small.  But it just might make a huge difference in the long run.  Perhaps we’ll make someone’s day more bearable.  Or offer another person the attention they sorely lack.  The time we spend might even go unnoticed, yet I don’t think it will go to waste.  I believe the ripples will long be felt where it matters most.

Is it all about you?