[Image credit: renjith krishnan]

In yesterday’s post All it takes is a solid foundation, I mention that this — a solid foundation — is where everything worthwhile begins.  But there’s a whole lot that goes on in between laying the groundwork for success and arriving at the end result (preferably unscathed).  Whatever it is, whether a friendship, marathon, undergraduate program or a dream your future is hitched to, it takes a continuous supply of building blocks to get there.  Your tools may consist of such qualities as open and honest communication, or (blood), sweat and tears (for my fellow writers out there), or maybe hours of research and hard labor.  And perhaps compromise is the mortar which holds it all together.  No one way of building up to our personalized Somedays looks the same for the next person.  But if we don’t rush, and do it right the first time, I imagine only preventive maintenance, rather than a major renovation, will be necessary.  Sounds like a sure-fire way to successfully navigate the blueprints of our lives.

What kind of tools are you using to build your future?