When you need a new plan

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When you need a new plan

If I refused to write until the perfect conditions existed, I would always find an excuse to avoid it. But as I sat down to write recently, no clue where to start, my attention drifted to the clutter around me—all available space at my make-shift desk covered with laptop, notebooks, magazines, old paperwork, paper towels and an empty glass. On the floor: an oven broiler pan, orange plastic Halloween candy bowl, “a guide to beer,” pain management CDs, copies of articles I’ve had published, an old camera and a kitty nesting on my laptop bag. In addition to the clutter, a family member is either coming or going from the shared household office (did someone really have to test the smoke detector batteries while I was writing?). My plan needs an overhaul, stat. First, I must 1) make the space peaceful and inviting to encourage creativity, and 2) modify the times I write so I can do so uninterrupted.

What do you need to “get ‘er done?”

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How low can you go?

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Prior to my trip last month, I conjured up “high road” expectations to include more time with family and friends.  Unfortunately, this was a route I had little control over.  I could make myself available, but if others were tied up with their own thing, then a detour was necessary.  However, without my typical back-up plans in place, I found myself disappointed and on my own more often than I would have preferred, sometimes casting blame and finger-pointing with no just cause.  In the past, I’ve blogged about maintaining expectations more on the low road to avoid discontent, although still always hoping for more.  And while finding a happy medium between the two roads is not always easy, this time I’d like to think I learned my lesson.  When I have little control over the outcome, I’ll attempt to adjust my expectations accordingly.  At least that’s the plan.

How do you maneuver the two roads in order to find a happy medium?