[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

A reader posted a comment on The demise of the human connection that brought a new perspective to my ramblings.  In a nut shell, for those who live in remote areas, the Internet is a Godsend.  I shared the response with a friend, excited that someone all the way in Australia had picked up my blog and with a few keystrokes we were communicating across the globe.  The person I told also thought it was neat.  But then he pointed out the blogger could be someone in a town 30 miles away from where I live who just said they reside in the Outback.  Way to burst my bubble.  But it’s true that more often than not I offer people the benefit of the doubt, taking their word at face value.  Shame on me at times, I suppose.  But I guess I’d rather be the type who believes in something until it’s been proven otherwise.

Do you give the benefit of the doubt or typically play it safer?