The longest week ever

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Longest day ever


This past week stands out as one of the ‘longest weeks ever.’ On Monday morning when my alarm went off at 4:45, my first thought had been: ‘Why is my alarm set so early on a Sunday?’ From that moment on, each day dragged longer than the previous 24 hours. When I mentioned this to my boss, he said, ‘Life goes by fast, so we might as well appreciate the long weeks when we experience them.’ And I did extend gratefulness every day by: honoring my body with healthy food and exercise; writing and reading to maintain an active mind; chipping away at my daily tasks so once the weekend arrives, I can enjoy it sans commitment. It’s been too long since I last indulged in the luxury of a weekend where I’m not expected to be in a certain place at a certain time. This makes the wait worth the long days I not only survived, but thrived.

How do you make the most of each day?

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A simple touch of kindness

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A simple touch of kindness

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During Yoga practice and the spine strengthening series, yogis rest on their stomachs in between poses.  At that time, some of the instructors will “walk” on any eager feet.  The last time I was the recipient of this brief exchange, I was thankful for the willingness of my teacher to freely offer the gift of touch to her students.  During that moment of meditation, I felt a strong appreciation and wondered how many others in my life crave such a simple act of affection.  It seems we are more concerned about crossing over boundaries or insulting so we keep our distance.  That’s not what I want to be remembered for.  I would rather be thought of as the person who stepped outside her comfort zone and embraced a fellow mother, daughter, brother … human being.  Perhaps we’d be a lot happier if we didn’t worry so much about whom we offend, but instead care about those we friend.

Do you regularly show others kindness through a simple touch?

The good in your life

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Over a year ago, I wrote about how I often focus on what I don’t have, rather than on what I’m thankful for.  With the holidays upon us, it’s a fitting time to remind ourselves of the many reasons we’re grateful.  For me, even though it’s not Someday yet, it’s better to plan for my dreams than to dwell on “What’s-Not-Day.”  And, while it’s easy to recognize our appreciation of what others have done for us, it’s also important to reflect on the good we do for ourselves.  For instance, at first glance, it may appear selfish or fiscally irresponsible when I spend money and time on my Bikram Yoga classes.  However, what I’m doing helps me to be stronger, healthier and happier, as well as better equipped to handle life outside of the studio.  All of which benefits those around me.  So everything that’s good in your life may just touch others, as well.

What’s one good thing you’ve done for yourself lately that you’re grateful for?