Mama said there’ll be days like this


Mama said

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Random tidbits: at some point my posts began totaling 168 words to the dot and, according to my oldest sister, there are 168 hours in one week (there are, I checked). For me, the past 168 hours have embodied a whirlwind of emotions, from the well of bone-weary sadness, to tears of happiness and pit stops in between. I’ve been let down by those closest to me, and sensed the harrowing chasm between others I adore. And in the midst of it all, I completed the “write a book in 30 days” challenge I issued myself last month, while still participating in a yoga challenge. Bikram and prayer work, but sometimes I wish someone would show up to fix everything that’s not right, or at least tell me what to do. But since that’s not going to happen any time soon, I have to be good to myself, even if it might look selfish. Because there’s only one me.

How do you handle the inevitable “days like this?”

Quit talking, start doing

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Quit talking

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Do you ever get tired of hearing a friend complain over and over about something they’re unwilling to change? Or how about the person who says one thing, but acts contrary to who they purport to be? What about that one neighbor who wants to lose weight, live adventurously, blah blah blah but never puts her money where her mouth is? Last month I challenged readers to do something new for 30 days and threw out my own personal challenge: to write a book in a month. As I close out day eight, I’ve logged in 13,368 words, along with the personal satisfaction of finally doing something I’ve been talking about longer than I can remember. I’ve also learned that in writing—and life: 1) sometimes it’s better to just do, rather than think, 2) showing up is still the hardest part and 3) it doesn’t have to be perfect, or even good. As long as I’m trying.

When are you going to quit talking and start doing?