[Image credit: nuchylee]

Today my “little” girl turned 20.  No longer a teenager and not yet an “official” adult, she’s that “in-between” age for the next year.  It’s as if she’s living in her own personal limbo as she plans for her grown-up future.  Such an exciting and scary time all rolled into one.  I envy her a bit.  Not that I’d want to return to 20 when I thought I knew everything but really knew very little and was afraid of my own shadow.  But I’d like an extra two dozen years for trial and error, to take chances and step out of my comfort zone — knowing I had plenty of room to right my wrongs and start all over if necessary.  Although I’m not ready to crawl under a rock any time soon, to throw caution to the wind at my age holds less appeal.  However, I wouldn’t mind knowing what I know now without aging for another 20 years.

Happy Birthday, Baby.

If you could be one age indefinitely, what would that be?